Why KSP?

KSP has implemented a unique business model based on creating a highly collaborative partnership that facilitates a win-win outcome in which both KSP and distributors are equally committed to each other’s success.

Go beyond business partnership

A collaborative Supplier-Distributor partnership means that KSP objective is to ensure the success of all distributors, with high retention rate & long lasting relationship.

What makes KSP different?
Outcome-Based Relationship

KSP has implemented numerous policies aimed at sharing the necessary responsibilities for the successful distribution of our products and work closely with our distributors to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome.

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Flexible Production Methods

KSP has implemented flexible production methods that allows us to adjust our products to meet the specific demands of each market and unique requirements of our distributors.

KSP works closely with distributors to ensure the perfect product specifications and packaging by combining distributor feedback and conducting independent market research.

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Efficient Marketing Support.

We believe that marketing serves as the backbone for a healthy growth strategy, our experienced Marketing Department consistently refines marketing strategies to adapt to the dynamics of each country, facilitating the effective building of our brands.

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Effective Marketing Support
Strategic Support & Market Research

As a global manufacturer with numerous brands, we choose our distributors carefully to ensure the effective distribution of our products.

We are able to leverage our knowledge and analytical data to provide our distributors a marketing advantage in their markets. We support our distributors initially with market entry, and then shift to a focus on the gaining of market share

As our distributors are on the ground and have unique knowledge and experience in their respective markets, we rely on their feedback to identify product specifications, market entry strategies and other crucial criteria for effective distribution.

Additionally, our experience in Marketing Research Department conducts independent market research, after which we combine our analysis and experience with the knowledge of our distributors, to facilitate the strongest possible market entry for our brands and products. We work closely with our distributors to make success a mutually beneficial reality of our relationship.

Customized Promotional Materials

We provide a wide range of promotional materials to our distributors, with the purpose of brand promotion

Samples for Promotion

We provide our distributors with consumer products intended for free distribution, with the purpose of assisting in the marketing of brands

Logistical Support

KSP has extensive logistical capabilities which we leverage for the benefit of our distributors. As a value-added service provided to our distributors, we assist with all logistical matters. Whether by sea or air to ensure timely delivery.

KSP has built a well-organized infrastructure to guarantee the accuracy of documentation in order to a avoid delaying of shipping processes, customs clearance, or import approval by local authorities.

KSP provides a high professional control of supply chain to ensure efficient processes from raw material to finished product.

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