Corporate Responsibility

Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Company was keen to do its duty by confirming the availability of pharmaceutical products in Kuwait as well as regional countries, However did not overlook the humanitarian aspect, so that it was keen to provide medicines and grant it as a donation to some countries and poor communities suffering from various crises and wars through its cooperation with some charitable bodies and committees including:

  • Patient Health Fund Society: Which distribute the donations from our end to Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other countries.
  • Kuwait Red Crescent Society: Which distribute the donations to various sectors inside and outside Kuwait.
  • The company has cooperated with many embassies inside Kuwait to distribute the donations to poor families to confirm providing them with medicines.
  • The company has also cooperated with some companies inside Kuwait to help poor families & people who need medicines.
Field training at KSP Manufacturing Plant

Based on our dedicated mission to support and develop the educational process in the state of Kuwait, which is part of the KSP contribution in serving the society, our manufacturing plant is annually hosting Kuwait University students from faculty of Pharmacy and faculty of Science in all their departments in addition to the Applied Education Authority with the aim of Field training at manufacturing facilities and its various sectors in order to take advantage of the expertise that the KSP abounds in and learn about the latest methods and most recent capabilities used in pharmaceutical industry

The main goal of the field training program dedicated for university students and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training members is to provide an opportunity to train students on the practical training courses and to raise the scientific and professional skills and capabilities to be able to communicate with the practical work fields in addition to prepare technical cadres that combine both the theoretical and the applied way of thinking In the field of specialization.

The field training program includes many discipline, the Department of Planning and Career Development is provided by the relevant academic authority with full commitment to guidelines given to students at the induction meeting which organized by the Competence and Evaluation Department in regards of the labor laws in force in the KSP.Pharmacovigilance and full compliance with health, safety and environment instructions in the workplace.

KSP Career development department organizes a full training program that includes four seasons’ courses in order to facilitate student completing process of practical courses required for graduation by coordinating with the dedicated departments of training according to their capabilities & by providing professional trainers from academic authorities